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Class Overview

NASA Scientists are using high tech rovers to search for water and life on Mars. Physicists are smashing subatomic particles to help explain how the universe began. People are nervous the world will end in December. Needless to say, it's a great time to be studying science!

I'm here to help you learn and hopefully ensure that you leave my classroom at the end of year loving of science at least a little more than you did entering my room in September. I will do my best to make class engaging, fun, and relevant. In return, I ask that you come to class every day prepared and give me 100% each and every day.

If you are having difficulty at any time, please come see me.  I am available most days before/after school as well as during lunch. Otherwise, I encourage you to email me, contact a friend, or use the team discussion board.

Science Curriculum

In 8th grade, students learn about physical science concepts focusing on chemistry and physics. The specific units will include: properties of matter, kinetic theory of matter, atomic structure, elements and their organization in the Periodic Table, physical/chemical changes, motion, energy transformations, and heat transfer.

Throughout the year, students will be engaged in scientific inquiry. Essentially, you will be asking questions. You will be designing and conducting experiments, then analyzing your results. You will learn to make claims based on evidence and supported by scientific reasoning. You will also learn how to communicate and share your results with others.

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Google Science Docs
I will try to upload as many handouts to Google Docs as I can. You do NOT need a Google account to view these.

Has day-to-day lesson plans, homework, handouts, online resources, etc.